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Medical device only for US market



 We are a manufacturer of medical device that are used in nasal cavity using our patented nasal applicator. Bioquant LED is sold within US market and BIOquant NS is sold within EU market. 

BIOquant LED

Medical device for US market. 

BIOquant NS

Medical device for EU market. 

General information

BIOquant LED was developed and patented by Yalong Trade s.r.o..

BIOquant LED uses a patented nasal applicator that utilizes optimally designed LED light and electromagnetic waves. 

BIOquant NS is not invasive, not implanted and poses no risk to the safety of users and other persons.

Intended use

This device is intended to encourage a general state of health through the physical application of LED generated light and electromagnetic waves in the nasal cavity for brainwave modulation and to support the deliberate wellness effort. 

  • patented nasal applicator

  • great tool to encourage the overall health

  • BIOquant NS can use anyone at any age

Bioquant LED

The mechanism of main effect is physical and is based on pulses of electromagnetic waves. The method is intranasal. The main effect is brainwave modulation. 

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Brainwave modulation


No risk, just benefits.

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